Lens Cleaner
Lens Cleaner
Lens Cleaner

Lens Cleaner

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Tackle the grime from your skins oils/ dust and dirt that can build up on your lenses!

- Alcohol free

- Effective on all types of lenses and treatments : no risk of damaging the glass lens and their sensitive optical coatings

- Quick drying, no traces

- Lenses are cleaner for longer thanks to theantistatic treatment

- Cone form spray jet with micro-droplet spray.

- Sprays directly onto glass lens : perfect covering of lens and making cleaning easier.

- Economical use of products (+ 350 sprays with the 35 ml)

For the best possible results, use with a clean microfibre cloth or precision wipe. The smaller size is perfect when you’re out and about!

*Important: do not spray directly onto your screen.

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